65 years after it was founded, Haute Coiffure Française is supported by its prestigious history and is more resolutely future-oriented than ever. Its role is to promote artistic creation, discover the talents of tomorrow and ensure its member salons enjoy commercial success.


April 1945 : driven by new impetus, the Parisian hairdressing elite, at the reins of prestigious salons in the famous Golden Triangle, decided to set up a club, and from the visionary mind of Fernand Aubry, Haute Coiffure Française was born. René Rambaud, Albert Pourrière, Marc Ruyer, Louis Gervais and Antoine, without forgetting the illustrious Guillaume, were amongst the members of the first Haute Coiffure Française Executive Board.

These major hairdressers united in order to defend the interests of haute coiffure. The first annual general meeting (July 1945) set out that “the criterion for being selected is to have a salon of acknowledged quality, belonging to a qualified professional who loves their profession”, and also : “nowadays, thanks to the Haute Coiffure Française’s efforts in bringing together the commercial, artistic and professional values of French hairdressing, it will be possible to give the profession the recognition it deserves”. Another of Haute Coiffure Française‘s objectives was to “be an ambassador for French hairdressing abroad”.

An undeniable pioneer, Haute Coiffure Française personifies the know-how, professional ethics and values which make hairdressing the boldest way to transform one’s personality.


Paris, the capital of fashion, exerts its influence throughout the world. Its aura and fame resist the passing of time. Hairdressing is a major part of this. As an emblem of elegant and sophisticated hairstyling, Haute Coiffure Française is playing a major role and following in the footsteps of French fashion.

With salons in some 40 countries, Haute Coiffure Française represents 1,000 high-quality hairdressing salons throughout the world.


Haute Coiffure Française, in partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel, plays a key role in the world of fashion with its 2 annual collections, sneak previews of which are presented in Paris at the prestigious Carrousel du Louvre. These unique events bring together 2,000 professionals from the 5 continents, who, through Haute Coiffure Française, learn about new hairdressing trends as well as ideas, hints and tips which further fuel their dreams of creating great hairstyles. Every season, Haute Coiffure Française takes up a daring new challenge.

The Haute Coiffure Française creation team then travels the world to display the new collections and to inform the member salons about the Paris show. In association with L’Oréal Professionnel, Haute Coiffure Française broadcasts its collections and hairdressing trends worldwide.


Besides sharing its knowledge of the latest trends in hairdressing, each season HCF offers its members salons the following :

  • Personalised training courses :
    • technical workshops demonstrating the collections the day after the event in the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris ;
    • intensive training courses for the exclusive benefit of member salon employees ;
    • technical video.
  • as well as marketing and communication tools for its clientele :
    • “Best of” video of shows presented in the Carrousel du Louvre ;
    • Press kit and poster ;
    • Haute Coiffure Française magazine, etc.


All member salons are committed to following the Haute Coiffure Française quality charter which guarantees :

  • a high level of artistic knowledge and know-how complemented by constant training and high-quality services ;
  • a warm welcome and absolute professionalism in an environment combining well-being and friendliness ;
  • personalised service and focus on each client’s needs ;
  • transparency of prices.


Our flawless service, professional work ethic and high-quality services in a first-class environment make the clientele of Haute Coiffure Française salons come back to us time and time again.

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